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2019 Registration form

registration-form 2019

BACS………..60-21-49   59621060  NAT WEST -SON-RISE SPECIALS TRUST

News you’ve all been waiting for!!!!  All except Men’s will be 6 a side

Saturday 25th May: U8,10,12,14, and girls

Sunday 26th May: U7,9, 11, 13, 15/16 and Ladies

At Tavistock Community Football Club Sunday 26th May:

Men’s and Vets At Tavistock College.

Entries will be restricted to 16 per age group from U8-U14′s and Ladies

15/16′s and Men’s will be 24 teams.
Entry fee’s are £25 youth and ladies £30 Men’s
Registration form will be available by Sunday 20th January

The 2017 Men’s Son-Rise cup Champions ” Stews Crew”

Event @ Tavistock Community College, Crowndale road, Tavistock & Tavistock Community FC on Crowndale pitches

CAR PARK – £2.00



Rules for men below

Son Rise Cup Rules 2017 – FINAL DRAFT




Sunday Independent 2


Here’s what the event is really about!

respect ball

We put a smile on footballs face…………Tavi Specials with Newton Soccability FC on Langsford Park


More Good News! Heather Fell  Olympic Silver Medalist from Bejing 2008 is to be the Patron of the Son-Rise Cup! Our Committee are thrilled!


DCFA logo improved

TCFC Badge BlackRob Rich’s ”I love Candy” sweet shop are right on the case to support the Son-Rise Cup! Owner Robin is in his 3rd Year as Chairman of the event committee.

i love candy logo

Newton Soccabilty & Tavi Specials- 2010 nsfc and tcfc sRachel from Newton Soccability FC who won the Special Prize in 2010rachel nsfcIn October 2006 a Football Match started on the Crowndale Pitches called the ‘Son-Rise Cup for Autism’.

Two Teams played for this Trophy in October 2006, Tavistock Tyres and The Union Inn to raise funds for Paul Lewis’s Son-Rise Programme of America Therapy ,which was used by his parents to help him communicate and get him to break free from his secret World where he never spoke or looked at anyone!

Paul was diagnosed with Severe Autism in December 2003 and in October 2004 Raun Kauffman from the Autism Treatment Centre of America was interviewed on Richard and Judy’s Channel 4 Show using this therapy.


Following up leads and reading up on the internet about this powerful therapy Paul’s Parents Sheena and Allen decided to adopt the ideas and go on a course at Enfield with over 200 parents and carers.

Allen was convinced he had found the key to unlock his son.

On their return to Tavistock they began fund raising to get enough money to build a playroom as close to the designs in America.

A walk across Dartmoor by 12 people raised £5,000 and to follow Allen organized 5 horse rides, the last one Famous Horse Racing Celebrities attended , including Bob Champion MBE and Trainer Martin Pipe CBE.

Xfactor and Happy Mondays Singer Rowetta came for a publicity story to get interest in this therapy and with the football matches and support from other Fund Raisers the Family raised over £40,000 to help their son and promote Autism Awareness.

The Lewis Family worked non stop for 4 years to help their son and succeeded in getting him to use eye contact and speech in a specially designed playroom and with the help of over 35 volunteers , one Professionally Trained Child Facillitator they managed to get their son to communicate well enough to attend Main Stream School. First St. Rumons in Tavistock and now on to St. Peters Primary School.

The Son-Rise Cup for Autism is now an Established DEVON FA Event for the people of Tavistock and the 2017 Event involved over 100 businesses! Allen said, “Without the Support of the Tavistock People and Rural Community our goal would never have been achieved. We have made so many friends because of Paul and I have a fantastic relationship with all the businesses in this Area. A big thank you is all I can say!”

To learn more about this therapy visit- www.son-rise.org

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